Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy Returns for Billy Eichner’s Get Out the Vote Event

Ron Burgundy is back, and he wants you to get out the vote. Funny Or Die announced Thursday that comedian Billy Eichner is teaming up with Will Ferrell next week to host “Vote Classy, San Diego,” an event encouraging young people to vote in this November’s midterm elections. Ferrell will attend the event as the … Read more

9 April Fools’ Day Headlines That Turned Out to Be True (Photos)

9 April Fools’ Day Headlines That Turned Out to Be True (Photos) From the death of Marvin Gaye to a Will Ferrell-Kristen Wiig Lifetime movie, these events were unfortunately timed but were 100 percent real Linda Ge | Last Updated: March 30, 2018 @ 10:31 AM [ comments ]

‘SNL’: Infomercial Wants to Sell You a Greatest Hits Record From Pedophile Musician Played by Will Ferrell (Video)

The final sketch of this week’s “SNL” was a parody of late night cable infomercials peddling compilation records from old musicians — a genre of content that grows less familiar by the day as the number of cable subscribers cutting the cord out there continues to grow. In this sketch, “SNL” cast members Kate McKinnon … Read more

‘SNL’: Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Explains Why He Was Worse Than Trump (Video)

Will Ferrell returned to host “SNL” after a six-year gap, again playing former president George W. Bush and broadcasting on Twitch from an Oval Office set in his basement. “It is I, George W. Bush,” Ferrell said as he started the cold open. “As you might remember, the ‘W’ stands for ‘Wazzup!’” “I’m getting my … Read more