Colbert: Trump Thinks Air Force One Is Ugly Because It Doesn’t Have Fake Boobs (Video)

As he usually does on Friday editions of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a bit of a lighter tone this week for his monologue as he slung jokes at Donald Trump and Trump’s associates. To kick things off, Colbert took aim at Trump’s odd complaints about Air Force One, the presidential airplane. “So we’re … Read more

Stephen Colbert Proposes Amish Version of Facebook to Remedy Privacy Concerns (Video)

Stephen Colbert has a solution for #DeleteFacebook-ers who want to escape from the social network’s data collection but still enjoy the things they like about it: Amishbook, or Facebook, “without the electricity.” Colbert brought up Facebook’s ongoing data-management PR problem at the top of Friday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” saying that “we’ve learned … Read more

Colbert: Trump Should Just Hire Robert Mueller as His Attorney (Video)

Stephen Colbert kicked off Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” with an unconventional solution to Donald Trump’s problem finding lawyers to represent him in the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation: just hire Robert Mueller. Colbert noted that since the resignation of lawyer John Dowd, Trump has not been able to bring new blood to his defense … Read more

Stephen Colbert Marvels At Multiple Donald Trumps Being Caught up in Simultaneous Sex Scandals (Video)

CBS Stephen Colbert spent the bulk of his “Late Show” monologue Wednesday night talking about these two things: Donald Trump’s sex scandal, and Donald Trump’s sex scandal. And, no, those two items are not referring to the same Donald Trump. Yes, as you may know both Donald Trump, the president, and Donald Trump Jr are … Read more

Stephen Colbert Tries out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘Super Hard’ Workout — With RBG Herself (Video)

In a segment that fans of his earlier “The Colbert Report” almost certainly enjoyed, Stephen Colbert got physical, physical with judicial icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Show.” “She has no interest in retiring. Which is good. Please, just hang in there for three to seven more years,” Colbert said … Read more

Stephen Colbert Congratulates Putin for His Win ‘by the Most Made-up Votes’ (Video)

Demonstrating the painful reality of the passage of time, Stephen Colbert kicked off Tuesday night’s “The Late Show” by joking about the reaction to Donald Trump’s congratulating Vladimir Putin on his recent reelection. “Vladimir Putin won an election rigged to prop up a dangerous strongman who is threatening Western democracy,” Said Colbert. “That requires a … Read more

Stephen Colbert Clowns Cambridge Analytica Bosses For Falling For Their Own Evil Tricks (Video)

What with FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe being fired Friday and Donald Trump acting out on Twitter about it, it can be easy to forget the other huge story of the past couple days: the allegation that voter research firm Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data of 50 million so the Trump campaign could essentially weaponize … Read more

Stephen Colbert Is Cool With Trump’s Space Force ‘As Long As JJ Abrams Directs’ (Video)

It was all space force, all the time during late night on Wednesday, with everyone cracking some kind of wise about Donald Trump’s idea to create a new branch of the United States military in outer space. It was just too juicy a topic for the late night comedians to pass up, and during Colbert’s monologue … Read more

Colbert: GOP Cleared Trump of Russian Collusion Because ‘They Did Not Want to Get Sprayed With a Nerve Agent’ (Video)

It’s gotta be tough for late night show writing staffs to keep coming up with new jokes about people in the White House being fired or quitting, but somehow they keep pulling it off. And Stephen Colbert had a pretty solid one to kick off his “Late Show” monologue on Tuesday after three such people … Read more

Colbert Is Weirdly Excited About Possibility of a Trump Sex Tape (Video)

The story of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels continues on with no end in sight, at least for this week, and Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but open his monologue on Monday’s “The Late Show” with some jokes about how it feels like it may be escalating in a direction no … Read more