Shondaland Steps Into the World of Podcasting With ‘Scandal’ Star Katie Lowes

Getty Fans may be saying goodbye to Quinn Perkins when “Scandal” wraps its final season next month, but her real-life counterpart Katie Lowes is remaining a resident of Shondaland for the foreseeable future. However, this time the TGIT actress isn’t starring in a Shonda Rhimes’ series but is hosting the production company’s first-ever podcast. “That’s … Read more

‘Scandal’s Joe Morton Talks Saying Goodbye to ‘Surrogate Daughter’ Kerry Washington

ABC/Eric McCandless Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has the mother of all daddy issues with her father Eli (Joe Morton). But Morton tells TheWrap that while his “Scandal” counterpart may not be the most ideal of parents, “everything he’s done he’s either done to protect his daughter or protect the Republic — or both.” OK, we’ve … Read more

‘Scandal’: Tony Goldwyn Explains How Kerry Washington Basically Invented Live-Tweeting TV

ABC The final season of “Scandal” returns from its midseason hiatus on Thursday and Gladiators are sure to be excited to have a new episode to dissect on Twitter. Of course, the cast knows exactly what’s going to happen, and are just as excited to tweet about it with their fans on show night. After all, … Read more