Seth Meyers Suspects Trump ‘Wants to F— the Border’ Between the US and Mexico (Video)

On Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Meyers devoted a new “A Closer Look” segment to Donald Trump’s obsessions with Jeff Bezos and securing the U.S. border with Mexico using a show of military force. “Now today the Trump administration announced a plan to send National Guard troops to the border, and lately Trump has … Read more

Seth Meyers Clowns Trump for Delivering Weird Political Speech to Kids at Easter Egg Roll (Video)

“Late Night with Seth Meyers finally returned from hiatus Monday night, and it turns out he was right about the comment he made on his final show before the break: nobody cares about Donald Trump replacing HR McMaster with John Bolton as his national security adviser right now. Instead, Meyers had plenty of material for … Read more

Seth Meyers Shocked Trump Missed ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’: All Caps Is ‘Donald Trump’s Native Tongue’ (Video)

The emergence of perhaps the greatest and most depressing meme of the Trump presidency so far, DO NOT CONGRATULATE, was late enough in the day on Tuesday that most late night hosts didn’t get to it until last night. And Seth Meyers thought it was such great subject matter that he spent an entire “A … Read more

Seth Meyers: Trump Probably Saving Cybersecurity Funds for ‘Goodbye Cakes for All the People Leaving the White House’ (Video)

On “Late Night” on Tuesday, host Seth Meyers devoted a new edition of his “The Check In” segment to the ongoing non-attempts by Donald Trump to do something, anything about Russia’s efforts to manipulate American elections. It’s a timely topic after Vladimir Putin’s apparently shenanigan-filled re-election over the weekend, and Meyers took a big picture … Read more

Seth Meyers: ‘Trump is Freaking Out Like a Final Jeopardy Contestant Who Knows the Music Is About to Stop’ (Video)

The attempt at burying the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe as a Friday evening news dump of course does not work in this era of 24/7 news cycles, but it did mean that late night hosts had to wait until Monday to crack jokes about what somehow managed to be the biggest current … Read more

Seth Meyers: Trump Saying ‘I Lied Because I’m Stupid’ Is Truest Thing He’s Ever Said (Video)

On Thursday night, Seth Meyers trotted out another “A Closer Look” segment, this time taking a gander at Donald Trump’s recent strange behavior when interacting with U.S. allies. “President Trump met with the prime minister of Ireland today and reminisced about the time he used to spend at his golf resort there. But he offered … Read more

Seth Meyers: Rick Saccone Lost to Conor Lamb Because ‘Trump Is the Worst Wingman’ (Video)

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers rolled out his latest “A Closer Look” segment on “Late Night,” this time taking a gander the wide variety of weird things Donald Trump has said in the last couple days — from his proposed “space force” and “see through” border wall to his completely ineffective appearance at Republican Rick … Read more

Seth Meyers: Trump Fired Tillerson Via Tweet Because He’s Scared of People Over Six Feet Tall (Video)

Tuesday was gracious enough to only have two big political items everyone had to care about: Trump firing his secretary of state and the special congressional election in Pennsylvania. And with those election results still in limbo late into Tuesday night, that meant Rex Tillerson was the clear cut topic of conversation for late night … Read more

Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump for ‘Rambling Nonsensically’ At Pennsylvania Rally (Video)

On monday’s “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers spent an extra long, 11-minute “A Closer Look” segment examining the big political moments of the weekend: Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday in Pennsylvania and education secretary Betsy DeVos’s terrible “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday night. Though the headline quote from Trump’s rambling speech was when he called … Read more

Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump For Pretending to Care About the Opioid Crisis (Video)

Aside from a single context-free two-word tweet, Donald Trump managed to not make a whole lot of noise on Tuesday, leaving late night hosts without the sort of wealth of material they had on Monday with Trump’s comments about how he totally would have tried to take down that school shooter in Florida had he … Read more