‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Denny’s Ad Teases Young Han and Lando Playing Sabacc (Video)

Denny’s released a new advertisement Monday that features child actors standing in for the young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Set in a cantina, the commercial features young Han and Lando playing a game of Sabacc surrounded by Chewbacca and a few new creatures. According to Board Game Geek, Sabacc is a gambling card game based … Read more

Will ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Be ‘The Big Lebowski’ in Space?

When you see “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” don’t be surprised if Han reminds you of Jeff Bridges’ beloved Southern Californian loafer from “The Big Lebowski.” The screenwriters of the upcoming “Star Wars” film say that the burnout-bowling flick was influential to their screenplay. Han is The Dude in this case, and Chewbacca is his hapless, … Read more

Han to Meet Chewbacca for First Time in ‘Solo,’ Film’s Synopsis Reveals

Lucasfilm released the official synopsis for “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the Han Solo spinoff movie and origin story coming out this summer, and it confirms that not only will his trusty sidekick Chewbacca be in the film, it will tell the story of how the two met. Here’s the official plot synopsis: Board the Millennium … Read more