‘Instinct’ Showrunner Apologizes for Recent Amish Murder Plot With ‘Distressing’ Similarity to ‘Bones’

CBS “Instinct” showrunner Michael Rauch apologized Monday for a plotline of the CBS drama that was remarkably similar to one on “Bones.” “Yeah, heard about this. Very distressing and 100% unintentional. Looking into it and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And of course apologies to Bones (and their fans),” Rauch tweeted. Sunday’s “Instinct” … Read more

Stephen Colbert Proposes Amish Version of Facebook to Remedy Privacy Concerns (Video)

Stephen Colbert has a solution for #DeleteFacebook-ers who want to escape from the social network’s data collection but still enjoy the things they like about it: Amishbook, or Facebook, “without the electricity.” Colbert brought up Facebook’s ongoing data-management PR problem at the top of Friday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” saying that “we’ve learned … Read more

Colbert: Purpose of Stormy Daniels NDA Is ‘Raw Cleavage Footage’ for Anderson Cooper (Video)

Stephen Colbert says an NDA agreement between President Trump and Stormy Daniels has an important purpose: It allows Anderson Cooper to show Daniels’ cleavage on “60 Minutes.” Joking that Trump can’t seem to escape the scandal “no matter how many times he clears his browser history,” Colbert launched a segment called “Stormy Watch.” First he … Read more

Ratings: ‘Amazing Race’ Audience Rises in Season Finale as NBC’s Olympics Slide

Getty OK, so Wednesday’s “Amazing Race” season finale wasn’t exactly amazing, but it did manage to grow its overall audience 4 percent from last week’s penultimate episode. NBC was first in ratings with a 3.3 rating/13 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers with an average of 14 million, according to preliminary … Read more

Omarosa’s Asthma Attack on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Here’s What Caused It

CBS Never fear, Omarosa is still here and she’s doing just fine now. However, we have learned what caused the former Trump administration member’s recent health scare while competing on “Celebrity Big Brother”: bowling. On Sunday’s episode of the CBS reality series a “Bowlerina” challenge required the former Trump administration staffer to wear a tutu, … Read more

Ratings: NBC’s Olympics (Figure) Skates Circles Around ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ ‘Shark Tank’

With the Winter Olympics, NBC just (ice) danced its way to a primetime ratings win on Sunday. NBC was first in ratings with a 5.1 rating/18 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers with an average of 21.3 million, according to preliminary numbers. The PyeongChang Games ran throughout primetime. ABC was second … Read more

Omarosa Says America Is ‘Not Gonna Be OK’ Under Trump (Video)

Omarosa Manigault opened up about her stint in the Trump administration on “Celebrity Big Brother” on Thursday, warning that the country is ” not going to be okay” with the former reality star in the White House. Manigault, who was a contestant on Trump’s “The Apprentice,” told Ross Mathews that she felt a “call to … Read more

Watch John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Try to Trick Trump Into Talking to Mueller (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” and unsurprisingly, talk between the two former “The Daily Show” alums turned to their mutual arch enemy, Donald Trump. Earlier Wednesday, CNN reported that the president is willing, and wants, to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. … Read more

Justin Lin to Direct ‘Magnum P.I.’ Reboot Pilot for CBS

Justin Lin has signed on to direct the pilot for a CBS reboot of the hit 80’s action adventure series “Magnum P.I.,” which is being written by Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, showrunners for the successful revival of “Hawaii Five-O.” The revival will see Thomas Magnum, who was played in the original series by Tom … Read more

Ratings: ‘This Is Us’ Grows 8 Percent From Last Week – Thanks Super Bowl LII!

Proof that “This Is Us” has life after Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death? The NBC drama just grew 8 percent in Nielsen ratings from last Tuesday — yeah, the post-Super Bowl time slot can only help a series. NBC was first in ratings with a 2.0 rating/8 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and second … Read more