How Marriage Counseling Retreats Help Couples Reconnect and Communicate

A couple that is considering divorce but is still open to the possibility of saving their relationship may want to try counseling before giving up altogether. A more intensive type of therapy, marriage counseling retreats, provides the chance to turn the relationship around in a positive direction more rapidly. Over three or four days, the couple focuses on their relationship and is guided by a marriage and family therapist throughout the process.


The intention for these retreats is for the couple to concentrate on each other without other distractions. They come to the destination city and stay in a hotel of their choice. At the counseling center, daily therapy sessions take place for several hours with rest breaks and a lunch break. During free time, they are encouraged to spend time in activities that helps them reconnect emotionally and to rediscover their compatibility.

Instead of spending months going to weekly sessions, a counseling retreat with a psychologist such as Jay S. Lindsay may be a better answer. The days spent together away from everyone else, being drawn closer together and gaining new insights, can work wonders when a couple still loves each other but can’t seem to get along anymore. If a serious breach had occurred at some point, like an affair or a partner’s confession of not wanting to have children, this situation can be addressed with open communication and the therapist’s guidance.

Outside Activities

Before coming to the destination, the couple might make a list of things they would both like to do there. This is not the time to decide that one person will go shopping and the other will go to a museum. There are bound to be several things both find intriguing, even if it’s simply taking a hike on a trail and going to some fine restaurants in the area.

A Renewed Dedication

The spouses will have the chance to understand, acknowledge and break destructive patterns. They’ll learn more effective and positive ways of communicating. If they truly want to stay together, they now have a renewed dedication to their marriage and will feel more confident about the relationship.